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CM Double Roll Rice Polisher Introduction
CM double roll rice polishing machine is a new generation of rice finishing equipment designed and fusion the new concept of modern rice polishing requirements bright white. The product introduction, digestion, absorption of the advantages of similar international products and combines the company's rice polishing machine research results. The double roller of the machine is upper and lower structure, it can be used in parallel or series. At the same time, it has the features of large output, compact structure and small floor area. The polished rice white and bright, less broken and rice bran, it is the modern brand, intensive rice mill plant the best rice polishing equipment. The machine is easy to operate, stable performance and durable fastening, is a modern brand, large-scale rice processing enterprises ideal replacement products.
          CM double roll rice polisher-rice mill plant         
        CM double roll rice polisher-rice mill plant    

CM Double Roll Rice Polisher Features

☆ Compact structure, accounted for in a small area.

☆ All parts of the polishing system are made of food grade stainless steel, both sanitary and durable, while the polished rice is clean and white.

☆ Polished rice white bright, consistent with the new concept of modern rice polishing.

☆ Suitable for long grain rice and short grain rice polishing, it not only can long-term stable production, but also can reduce rice bran ball.

☆ It can be used alone or can be used in series, parallel polishing process is suitable for multi machine polishing.

☆ The machine can be equipped with different power motors according to different requirements of customers.

☆ This machine double roll mechanical parts can be interchangeable, convenient maintenance;

☆ Equipped with multi direction adjusting door device, negative pressure meter and a spraying device, control the polishing effect in the best condition.

rice mill plant-Double lion

CM Double Roll Rice Polisher Technical Parameters
Model Output(t/h) Power(kw) Negative pressure
Air volume
(include motor)
CM5000S×2 4-7 75 250-350 50-60 2350
CM5000S×2L single (6-7),series (8-10) 90-110 300-350 65-70 2730
CM16×2J 2-3 45 150-250 40-45 1195
CM18×2J 3-3.5 55 150-250 45-50 1350
CM21×2J 3.5-5 75 150-250 55-60 1480
CM18×2B 3-6 55 150-250 45-50 1400
CM21×2B 3.5-8 75 150-250 50-60 1550

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rice mill plant-Double lionCM16×2 18×2 21×2      rice mill plant-Double lionCM16×2J 18×2J 21×2J     
rice mill plant-Double lion
CM18×2B 21×2B          rice mill plant-Double lionCM19
 rice mill plant-Double lion
×2                 rice mill plant-Double lionCM5000s×2L